Let’s Get Healthy

Makign Waves on Social Media
7/21/2023 Sussex County Health Coalition.

Celebrating Success: “Let’s Get Healthy, Sussex!” Campaign Makes Waves Across Social Media

The Sussex County Health Coalition’s “Let’s Get Healthy, Sussex!” campaign has been an overwhelming triumph, successfully reaching and engaging a wide audience across Facebook and Instagram.

This community-driven initiative has effectively promoted health and wellness, leaving a positive impact on Sussex County residents.

With over 400 followers on Facebook and Instagram, the campaign quickly gained momentum and established a dedicated online community. One of the highlights of the campaign was a post titled “The Healthy Habit: Sleep.”

The post achieved exceptional results, with an impressive reach of 2,051 on Instagram and 4,993 on Facebook. These numbers indicate that the campaign’s message, and this post specifically, resonated with a large audience, Throughout the campaign’s duration, the Sussex County Health Coalition managed to make a significant impression on social media users, with a total of 132,178 content impressions across both platforms. This means that their posts were displayed on users’ screens over 132,000 times, indicating extensive visibility and engagement.

The campaign’s total reach extended to an impressive 29,309 people, showcasing the effectiveness of SCHC’s content in reaching a substantial portion of the community. The Coalition’s ad campaign also made a notable impact, with ads being displayed a remarkable 982,131 times and reaching at least 331,392 individuals.

This powerful advertising effort helped the campaign extend its reach and spread its message even further. Understanding the audience and platform played a crucial role in the campaign’s success. For example, on Facebook, most of the audience were women, at 92.8%, with an average age falling within the 55-64 range.
The top cities that engaged with the content were Georgetown, Milford, and Seaford in Delaware. On Instagram, the gender distribution was 78.3% women and 21.7% men, with an average age of 35-44. The top cities that showed significant interest in the Instagram campaign were Lewes, Rehoboth Beach, and Harbeson in Delaware.

The community’s response to the campaign was overwhelmingly positive, as it succeeded in fostering a sense of unity and shared responsibility for health and wellness. By providing valuable information and encouraging healthy habits, the “Let’s Get Healthy, Sussex!” campaign has left a lasting impact on Sussex County!