Special Announcement

New Community Health Workers
10/28/2022 Sussex County Health Coalition.

SCHC is proud to announce a recent award of a $3 million/3 year grant in partnership with the federal government, DHSS, and UWDE to provide over 100 new CHWs (Community Health Workers) for Sussex and Kent counties.

SCHC led the grant application process to provide a pathway for economic and workforce development and formal “certification” for the role of the community health worker for our communities most in need of healthcare support. The award is an opportunity for workers in these communities to enter the healthcare workforce and receive financial support during both the training and apprenticeship process to ensure final placement in the area’s largest health systems and communitybased organizations desperately in need of state
certified CHWs.

Stay tuned for a social media, email, and public service media blitz to promote the role of the CHW, and how to enroll in the free CHW training programs that will be offered in our area.

For more information please contact David Chernov, CHW Grant Project Director for SCHC, at 301-788-2237, or dchernov@maconsultingco.com.