New Premier Partnership Announced

By Sheila Bravo, Ph.D.
8/3/2021 Sussex County Health Coalition.

DANA, the Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement is thrilled to partner with Sussex County Health Coalition (SCHC) by opening a Southern Delaware office. These are incredible times filled with opportunities but also many challenges for nonprofits. Sussex County nonprofits have been a life line for so many, lifting their well-being in so many different ways – from finding affordable housing, offering food, to lifting our spirits through song and dance. And it is because of this diverse set of organizations that Sussex County is such an attractive place to live. We are seeing immense housing growth, and yet there still so many left behind. This means that Sussex County nonprofits have more people to serve, need more resources, and may need to find new ways to operate.

DANA’s exists so nonprofits can have the resources they need to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible.

DANA provides training, consulting, and ton of resources for its member nonprofits. We focus on the needs of nonprofit leadership (boards and executive directors), while also provide useful tips to assist nonprofits in their sustainability practices. DANA consultants provide expertise in a range of areas including: fundraising, strategic planning, board development, organizational development, leadership coaching, financial management, and public policy. We also serve as an advocate voice for Delaware nonprofits at the federal, state, and sometimes even county level.

Many members of SCHC are also members of DANA, which means they can access many of our resources at little no cost. DANA is continuing to update its learning material, and tailor its training and consulting to your needs. We hope to see you via ZOOM or, better yet, in person soon. This summer, DANA’s Georgetown office is open Mondays and Fridays if you want to stop by. Other hours are by appointment. We will announce our fall schedule soon.