Philanthropy Delaware

1/21/2021 Sussex County Health Coalition.

Philanthropy Delaware is pleased to announce that Ms. Tynetta Brown has been hired to serve as CEO, eff ective November 9, 2020.

Ms. Brown will work to expand philanthropic awareness in Delaware, assist members and other organizational partners to increase the impact of grantmaking, and ensure members have access to national best practices and philanthropic resources. She will be responsible for the day-to-day administration of the organization, including administrative responsibilities, member services, educational programming, and the implementation of the strategic plan.

“The Board of Directors is thrilled to welcome Tynetta at a crucial time when philanthropy must be at its best and when the organization is better poised than ever to address critical issues and policies that aff ect Delawareans,” said Board Chair, Vernita Dorsey. “She brings a fresh perspective to the  work that we do and has the experience and capacity to lead the organization through the next phase of our 10-year strategic plan. Additionally, I’d like to thank the search team led by Board Treasurer Regina Alonzo, the entire Board of Directors, and our dedicated staff for successfully managing operations during this interim period.”

Recently, Ms. Brown served as the Director of Development and Marketing/Communications for the WRK Group (The Warehouse, REACH Riverside Development Corporation and Kingswood Community Center). She was responsible for implementation and collaborative oversight of fundraising eff orts and the marketing and communications eff orts for all three entities.

“I look forward to continuing to leverage opportunities for our organization and members to connect with the members of SCHC. We are willing to roll up our sleeves and share the strategic focus of Philanthropy Delaware and explore how it aligns with meeting the needs and addressing the concerns of Sussex County.”