Chris Herren Partnership

10/22/2018 Sussex County Health Coalition.

BRINGING A MESSAGE OF HOPE in the fight against the Opioid Epidemic
Over 650 community members attended the September 11 Chris Herren event at Crossroad Community Church along with Lt. Governor Bethany Hall Long, Representatives Daniel Short and Ruth Briggs King, and Sussex County Council President Mike Vincent to hear Mr. Herren’s inspiring message of HOPE… HOPE in recovery, HOPE for families and HOPE for continued health and sobriety.
What began as Seaford Goes Purple, quickly became Sussex Goes Purple, Kent Goes Purple and NOW…

Delaware Goes Purple! The entire state is rallying around this critical initiative in support of those who are suffering. The Sussex County Council, The House of Representatives and The State of Delaware have all drafted official Proclamations in support of this paramount initiative:

  • "Whereas, Delaware, like other states across the nation, is seeing firsthand the effects of the opioid epidemic, with 345 drug overdoses occurring in the state in 2017, 64 of which occurred in Sussex County; ...Project Purple is hoping to reverse these statistics by launching the Seaford Goes Purple, Sussex and Delaware Goes Purple initiatives under the direction of the Sussex County Health Coalition.” Sussex County Council Proclamation
  • "Awareness and education are the key factors in combating this horrible epidemic that kills more people than cars, guns, and falling per year as reported by the CDC.” House of Representatives Proclamation
  • "Whereas, local businesses, establishments and religious institutions will turn the community purple … to take a stand against substance abuse.” Office of the Governor Proclamation