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ECCS COIIN Grant Update

October 2017
ECCS COIIN Grant Update
Collaborative Improvement and Innovation Networks (CoIINs) are multidisciplinary teams of federal, state, and local leaders working together to tackle a common problem. Using technology to remove geographic barriers, participants with a collective vision share ideas, best practices, and lessons learned, and track their progress toward similar benchmarks and shared goals. CoIIN provides a way for participants to self-organize,
forge partnerships, and take coordinated action to address complex issues through structured collaborative learning, quality improvement, and innovative activities.

We are extremely happy with the progress our Sussex County-Place Base Team has made. We have tangible results from the first -year of our ECCS CoIIN Grant Work.
We have forged solid partnerships with the Sussex Early Childhood Council and Parents as Teachers. We have successfully merged three work groups into one robust committee.
We have made significant progress with the integration of "Developmental Screening” messaging with the Healthcare Systems in Sussex County. We will be distributing "Baby Bags” to new moms with a special message promoting developmental screenings in the discharge planning materials.

  • Worked with Maternal Child Health to identify bi-lingual developmental milestones information to include in a packet for new mothers.
  • Partnering with Healthcare providers to distribute bags for new moms.
  • All materials in English and Spanish.
  • We have forge a new partnership with Parents and Teachers and Read Aloud Delaware, to provide nine "Parent Empowerment Classes” in Sussex County.


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