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A Year To Be United In Service

January 2018
A Year To Be United In Service
This time of year, and especially now in this local and national landscape of uncertainty, organizations like ours and our partners are a beacon of hope in our community. Although it may seem that there are so many things that divide us we often forget the critical themes that make us all the same. The number one is our Humanity!

Who amongst us has not faced hardship, sickness, fear, loneliness or confusion. We are a product of our experiences. Some are good experiences some are not good it is just the way of life. When we have faced the uncertainty of life often it is offset by a friend, family, companion or agency. It is the seeking of help, support, encouragement through the human condition that provides solace, comfort and provides stability.

In 2018 let us reflect on what makes us alike, what brings us together and what we gain by helping others. I wish all of you a happy holiday and a happy new year! I want it to bring you joy, love, prosperity and community. However, know that if it falls short and you find yourself with a burden and or a struggle our partner agencies, our staff and our community are united in service to help bring support and comfort.

In the new year please remember to be kind to one another, exhibit patience, practice acceptance and offer of self in service!

Peggy Geisler
Director, Sussex County Health Coalition


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