Seaford Goes Purple

January 2018
Seaford Goes Purple
The purpose of the Seaford Drug Free Communities (SDFC) Task Force is to establish and strengthen collaboration, supporting the efforts of the community through a coalition working to prevent and reduce substance use; provide adequate treatment access; and family support among Seaford families.

The SDFC Task Force will work with leaders (Faith based, political, health, prevention, law enforcement, treatment, non-profit, state) within the Seaford community to identify and address local substance use problems and create sustainable communitylevel changes. Projects and programs will use environmental prevention strategies aimed at changing or influencing community conditions, standards, institutions, structures, systems, and policies to shift attitudes and change behavior.

Over 25 stakeholders are currently engaged and have completed an environmental scan and community plan
which identified several goals. The first is a comprehensive awareness campaign Seaford Goes Purple.

To find out more about this or to be an active participant please reach out to Cheryl Doucette at

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