Latino Expansion Initiative

August 2018
Latino Expansion Initiative
As a result of our work with Woodbridge, Cape Henlopen and Indian River School Districts and Seaford Middle School, we are pleased to report significant increases in systems and policy changes related to our Latino Initiative. All partners experienced forward movement related to the School Based Mental Health  Collaborative and are working toward best practices as they reach out to Latino Students. All partners reported an increase in their understanding of the specific issues facing Latino students.

WOODBRIDGE SCHOOL DISTRICT was able to create a data collection tool to share with other school districts and enjoyed the following successes this year:
  • Added new girls club for Latino youth. Peer mentors were identified and will lead for next year’s program
  • Adapted a Latino Service Guide, shared by another partner, to fit the needs of their district
  • Held a suicide response training with 15 staff, counseling and onsite support
  • Held a trauma informed educational community event
  • Hosted an open House for Latino families and ELL students
  • The district will be adding a bilingual therapist to the staff
CAPE HENLOPEN SCHOOL DISTRICT reported the following successes:
  • All materials sent home to parents are now printed in Spanish and English.
  • Partnering with the District Public Relations Office to create more educational materials in Spanish.
  • Morning announcements are now shared in Spanish and English.
  • Increased capacity and availability of therapist to work with students to reduce wait times.
INDIAN RIVER SCHOOL DISTRICT is thrilled to report that they have 18 In house clinical counselors on staff  to service the needs of their students. More successes from Indian River School District:
  • 20% of Mental Health referrals were Latino-this has steadily increased throughout the school year.
  • All staff members were trained on Trauma Informed Care
  • Developed a Latino Service Guide, and shared it with the other districts
  • Working on a work success program for Latino populations
  • Trained and assigned peer helpers (pilot at Sussex Central). Past Latino students were invited to offer support
  • Held a Hispanic Heritage Celebration for the community to help build a bridge the gaps
  • Piloted a translation device to test efficacy
SEAFORD MIDDLE SCHOOL was new to the School Based Mental Health Collaborative and has established a strong foot hold in outreach and education for their Latino Students. They have identified a gatekeeper and several champions in their school. We look forward to helping them grow as they establish a core team to continue this work.


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