Dorchester to Go Purple

County Launches 'Go Purple' Campaign
July 2018
Dorchester to Go Purple

CAMBRIDGE, Md. - Purple is on its way to Dorchester County. On Wednesday, at least 30 organizations in the county confirmed they were on board to launch the Dorchester Goes Purple campaign.

In September, organizers say the county will turn many buildings purple, spreading awareness on the opioid epidemic. So far, members of the group, like Mike Starling of WHCP Community Radio, say reception has been very good.

"There's so much energy here and so much more people than we were expecting to come out," Starling said. "Everybody has a story to tell about this so that's what we're excited to tell about."

Businesses like the Hyatt Regency in Cambridge also plan to go purple in hopes of getting as many people involved as possible.

"Families have been affected and it's very meaningful to them, so it's been very easy to get people to be involved in this," General Manager Joel Bunde said.

Dorchester is one of five mid-shore counties going purple this year. Seaford is also going purple in efforts to raise awareness on the drug epidemic.


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