Tidal Health Update

January 2021
Tidal Health Update

by Sharon R. Harrington, Director of Strategic Communications, TidalHealth Nanticoke

“At TidalHealth we are looking forward to a time when we can again meet with our community where they live and work,” said Penny Short, President of TidalHealth Nanticoke. “And, though 2020 has been a challenging year like no other, TidalHealth has much to be thankful for as we continue to expand access to care for EVERYONE across Delmarva.”

In case you missed it and were wondering who is TidalHealth, in 2020 the healthcare teams of Peninsula Regional Medical Center, Nanticoke Memorial Hospital and McCready Health came together to form a strong partnership, focused on people. “All that we do is centered on quality, service and community,” said Steven Leonard, President and CEO of TidalHealth. “Other larger systems may attempt to take care of the problem, but at TidalHealth we take care of the person.”

Alongside the integration of the two hospitals and many outpatient locations, healthcare providers from the Nanticoke Physician Network, the Peninsula Regional Medical Group also came together. This medical partners group has more than 30 primary and specialty care locations.

“Better together, this team has thrived during a year dominated by a global pandemic,” said Ms. Short. “We provided compassionate care; supporting families in a time when they could not always be with those they loved.

We celebrated victories and supported them as they grieved. Our team has endured a year of exhausting work, but has been there caring for our community every step of the way. And they will continue to be there for the health needs of this community.”

The TidalHealth team has worked hard to begin the fi rst phases of system integration. At TidalHealth Nanticoke, management systems including information technology, employee management systems and others have been completed. Integration of the website, internal communication systems such as email, shared network drives and project management systems are well underway. All while maintaining quality, with the system receiving numerous quality and safety awards for services in both Seaford and Salisbury.

“While the community may not have had the opportunity to see all that happening, there has been a tremendous amount of work done,” said Mr. Leonard. “And we are excited to continue this journey and the many projects scheduled for 2021.”

At TidalHealth Nanticoke, plans are being made for expanding surgical services including investments in additional technology. Across the system, TidalHealth is welcoming additional specialty practices to its provider network, including in Seaford. TidalHealth has also purchased property and begun planning for an expanded location in Millsboro.

An exciting integration will be the conversion to the EPIC Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system across the entire health system in July 2021. For patients from TidalHealth Nanticoke, it means one health record regardless of where you received care at any TidalHealth location. It will also allow Delaware patients to use the EMR to schedule provider appointments.

Among other projects is a focus on health equity and the expansion of mobile health services in Sussex County. “Planning for the expansion of Population  Health in Sussex is still in the early stages but I am thrilled that we are moving forward with this critical work in our community,” said Ms. Short. As a part of a  Highmark grant already received, TidalHealth will be purchasing a second mobile to provide services in Sussex County.

“So much is ahead for us over the next several years that I couldn’t begin to cover it all here,” said Mr. Leonard. “What is important to share is that TidalHealth is committed to all those living on the Delmarva Peninsula -- whether you live in Delaware, Maryland or Virginia -- we are better together.”

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