Skating into a New Year but we are not on Thin Ice

January 2021

Reflections COVID 2020? 2021 we must Sustain, Build and Grow?

When looking back at the past year in which our community and world had to shift extensively, it is easy to see what was taken away from us instead of the opportunities and the gifts that may have been given. It is easy to focus on the negative, given there has been so much hardship, loss, and uncertainty. What I do know is that this has taught us very valuable lessons, facilitated improved community collaboration, and shined a light on areas that we have neglected to address
for some time but knew existed.

What did it give us? In speaking to colleagues, friends, and family throughout the pandemic, we have learned three things we were already aware of, but perhaps took for granted: people matter, relationships matter and our basic core values around family-community should not be taken for granted. We need to champion  seeking ways to solidify these lessons, lest we forget post COVID. We must seek to remember that quality time with your family and that moments, not money,  create a life. Busy is not always better!

Let us Connect! Connectivity is key. Creating a level and equitable playing field for every Delaware resident is crucial and should not have waited until a pandemic was thrust upon us! In today’s society, technology use is critical, however, not every resident has access. Because of this, significant gaps in education, health and quality of life were severely impacted for many of our community members.

Let us Communicate! Set up ways to see and hear what is going on in real time with clients, family, and community. Creating pathways for the sharing of information is critical to everything we do. Designing clear systems and processes to ensure that information is released on time, with core information and allows for others to engage is key!

Let us Collaborate! Collaboration and non-profit community are critical. We must first meet the basics when an issue is complex. A large-scale need must involve networks of organizations and people working together with all resources brought to bare! We have already begun the hard work of putting critical community-based systems in place and now is a time to reflect on where we have come and where we have yet to go! Review what is working better, put in places strategies that facilitate continued progress, target areas that continue to emerge as a critical need, and foster aligned work, funds, and support to address them.

We have not solved our community’s most pressing problems, but I can assure you we are able to see them more clearly. We have and are more likely to have improved systems in place to address them more quickly and effectively. We can continue to foster incremental approaches, changes, and resources to continue this work. In partnership, SCHC will play its role as a connecter, foster collaboration, provide support and create opportunity for shared learning! Awareness, Access, Education and Support will be the lanes we serve. Let us know how we can serve you.

Peggy M. Geisler
Executive Director



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