Sussex County Health Coalition Public Statement

June 2020

As we all navigate these uncertain times, the Sussex County Health Coalition (SCHC) is dedicated to supporting the community and serving as a trusted resource for the most up to date and current information. Our priority is always the safety and wellbeing of our partners and our community. The SCHC Board, Staff and our partners are deeply saddened and outraged at the death of George Floyd, a man that was one of many people of color in a long list of racially motivated and senseless acts of violence. Our condolences go out to the Floyd family and friends during this sad and emotionally charged time.

Our leadership team has been closely monitoring all of the recent events. We are genuinely concerned and deeply troubled by the current situation and want to do our part to assist our community. The division amongst our communities, state and country, through these racially based acts of violence, perpetuates the problem and does not serve our nation well. The ensuing anger and pain experienced by our friends, families and citizens of color needs to be recognized, validated and used as a catalyst for serious dialogue and work towards dramatic changes locally and nationally. We are committed to helping our partners and our community mitigate risk and promote peaceful conversations. If you have a concern, or we can assist with Communication, Resource Sharing, Technical Assistance or Community Support - we are here and stand ready to support and help you and your organization.

“When hate and racism emerge, it is not enough for us to take a neutral or passive position. We must be vocal that it is unacceptable, and we must be anti-racist advocates for our family, friends and community members who stand daily in this sea of inequity and injustice”.

Together we must embrace our shared humanity and focus on listening, learning, and understanding the root causes of the current protests and acts of violence. We must support and engage in the peaceful interracial activism in and for our communities. In this moment, we will be defined as a nation and a state not by our voices, but by our actions. The Sussex County Health Coalition will stand united with our community partner organizations like United Way of Delaware who seek to create safe spaces, encourage positive change, and promote a message of love to address and stop the spread of racism.

A healthy community is one where everyone is accepted, supported, and valued! We stand for a healthy community and we stand with and for all of our fellow citizens.

Be Well,

Peggy Geisler, SCHC Executive Director
Megan McNamara Williams, SCHC Board President

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