Supporting Partners

August 2021

As we navigate the new normal of transitioning through a global pandemic it will be important that anchor organizations remain steadfast in the work they have and are doing for the community. Now is the time to ensure we continue to put into practice the learnings this last year has taught us and to create stronger foundational supports for each other and the families we serve. If COVID taught us anything it is that collaboration is pivotal, and relationships are the cornerstone of our community in good times and in bad. It reminded us that we cannot wait for crisis to occur to ensure we are good working partners. Sussex County Health Coalition will continue to SUPPORT our partners as we boldly move forward towards 2022. That support will include:

Creation of and providing a Supportive environment for our partners is Sussex County through our coalition meetings. Utilizing best practices and political connections to bring innovative ideas and scalable initiatives into our rural community. Provide Partner engagement opportunities so that natural and targeted collaborations will occur. Organize initiatives and work streams to reduce redundancy and create a culture that maximizes resources. Facilitate and garner Resources to increase capacity for our partners and the families they serve in Sussex County. Provide Training in areas where awareness and knowledge are critical to the health and welfare of our partners and the individuals they serve.

We will continue to strive for access to mental health/addictions services as well as equity in health care and foster initiatives that drive community cohesion! We will work on projects with partners that are directed towards alleviating poverty and increase economic mobility! We will drive the importance of Youth Prevention and support.

We have a lot of work to do standing beside our partners. Please continue to be a part of the journey!

Peggy M. Geisler
Executive Director

ACCESSIBLE DIGITAL LITERACY INSTRUCTION coming soon through the Delaware Division of Libraries, in partnership with Literacy Delaware. STAY TUNED for more information on how to sign up, possible locations in your area and more!



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