Skating into a New Year but not on Thin Ice

Reflections COVID 2020? 2021 we must Sustain, Build and Grow?

When looking back at the past year in which our community and world had to shift extensively, it is easy to see what was taken away from us instead of the opportunities and the gifts that may have been given. It is easy to focus on the negative, given there has been so much hardship, loss, and uncertainty. What I do know is that this has taught us very valuable lessons, facilitated improved community collaboration, and shined a light on areas that we have neglected to address for some time but knew existed. - READ DIRECTOR'S MESSAGE

Committee Meetings

We invite you to engage in our mission through one of our committees as we work together to increase efficiency, reduce redundancy, identify opportunities to share resources, increase awareness of existing services and to improve the capacity of grassroots efforts through training, technical assistance and seed funding.

Drug Free Sussex Initiative Mini Grants - Apply Now

Event must include Prescription Drug Prevention messaging targeted for ages 12 to 25 years old. Developmental Asset information should be utilized when appropriate and if your organization does not have materials then can be requested from SCHC.