YES, You NARCan Save a Life!

It is no secret that Delaware, and Sussex County in particular, grapple with high rates of prescription opioid misuse and abuse. Despite hosting just under a quarter of Delaware’s population, Sussex County accounts for 25.9% of the state’s overdoses, according to the Delaware Drug Monitoring Initiative (DMI) 2022 Report.

This crisis has been further exacerbated by limited access to addiction treatment and healthcare services, creating a complex set of challenges for the community. The landscape has evolved to include a surge in illicit opioids, such as fentanyl and heroin, which have led to a drastic increase in overdose deaths within Sussex and across the state. According to the 2022 DMI Report, fentanyl is present in 81% of toxicology reports for overdose-related deaths. While tracking newly emerging trends in opioid misuse, we must also be conscious of the dangers of Xylazine and a resurgence of Cocaine, which foreshadows the dangers to come in our communities. - READ FULL MESSAGE

2023 Mini Grant
Prevention Education Events

We are looking for five prevention partners to host events that are open to the public during the month of September. These events should be Purple themed and focused on prevention, education and awareness.

  • $2,000 for each event
  • Must provide prevention materials that include Naloxone and/or Deterra bags
  • Provide Delaware Goes Purple materials